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Brenda Schuman-Post

San Francisco based oboist, educator,

concerts, lectures, workshops, lessons

Programs Especially Crafted for Senior Citizens

SONIC FOREST PRODUCTIONS serves as a resource for educational, entertaining programming, presenting 20-30 concerts, lectures and workshops per year to senior citizens and other under-served audiences. We emphasize the relationship of music to nature, including human nature. Our performances jog memory, motivate movement, laughter, social interaction and more. With a core ensemble featuring oboe, violin, Celtic harp, upright bass, piano or keyboard, accordion and percussion, we configure according to your wishes, sometimes inviting guest artists. We can provide special event programming including February: African American History Month, Valentine's Day and Tu B'Shvat; March: Irish Music and Women's History; April and May: Music Inspired by Nature (Earth Day), June: African American Music Month, July: American music; September: Jewish New Year; November: Veteran's Day and more. Our affiliation with InterMusic SF enables us to receive tax-deductible donations, which we use to supplement our fees, making it possible for your facility to enjoy a larger ensemble.


Our diverse programming features Music Inspired By Nature including all genres of Classical, American Songbook, Celtic, Blue Grass, Spontaneous Improvisations, Original Compositions, Light Jazz. We share stories about our instruments and our experiences and can provide hands-on exhibits of the woods and other organic materials (horsehair, rosin, goat skin, seeds) from which our instruments are made. Click on the green highlighted titles to learn more.


Harvesting The Music Tree

year round but especially Tu B'Shvat and Earth Day

Honoring Veterans

November only

About the Oboe

year round


The Nature of Music

year round

Improvisation Workshops

year round


How Low Can You Go?

Guest artists play bass instruments like electric bass, upright bass, tuba, trombone, bass clarinet and bassoon.

Music selections include Negro Spirituals, Slave songs, jazz and classical music by African American composers

Special Events and Holidays:

African American History Month, Tu B'Shvat, Earth Day/Earth Month, Valentine's Day, Women in Music, St.Patrick's Day, American Music, Parties, Background Music

Youtube Playlists/Keynote presentations

Comedian/Pianist Victor Borge; Crooners including Frank Sinatra; Dance Forms; Ireland and its Music

2021 CONCERTS, lectures and workshops in-person - outdoors and indoors

North Bay - Drake Terrace, Villa Marin, Warner Creek Senior Housing, The Aldersly, The Redwoods

East Bay - A Friendly Manor, St. Mary's Center, Allen Temple Gardens

San Francisco -  Alma Via SF. SF Towers,


North Bay - Drake Terrace, The Redwoods, Villa Marin, Warner Creek Senior Housing

East Bay - The Waterford Rossmoor, Vintage San Ramon, A Friendly Manor, A Friendly Place, Allen Temple Gardens

San Francisco - San Francisco Towers, Jewish Community Center, Alma Via SF

South Bay - Palo Alto Jewish Community Center, Avenidas Mountain View,