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Brenda Schuman-Post

San Francisco based oboist, educator,

concerts, lectures, workshops, lessons

Brenda and Buffet Crampon, USA

I've been playing exclusively on Buffet Crampon oboes since 1990 and am especially fond of the Greenline. Made of 95% grenadilla (African Blackwood) dust, mixed with 5% carbon fiber/epoxy resin, this oboe is almost totally stress free. Cracking is rare, as is the need for adjustments. I love the sound, pitch, projection, stability, key work, reliability, and never having to be concerned about changes in weather or temperature. 

As a Buffet Crampon artist, I've had the privilege of visiting the factory in France and of meeting almost all the Buffet employees, located in both Jacksonville, Florida and New York City, and the sales representatives as well, who live in various parts of the US. I find them all to be people of the highest integrity, with a commitment of excellence to the oboe and clarinet playing worlds. Buffet Crampon is always experimenting and coming up with improvements for oboes, english horns and the entire family of clarinets. Wow!

I'm especially appreciative that Buffet Crampon, USA has been so supportive of my work both as performer and educator.

Here I am with Francois Kloc, now CEO of Buffet Crampon and one of the great oboe/clarinet designer/technicians on Earth.